Collaboration and communication must be developed along with modelling in transport and land use impact assessment

A preliminary report about developing evaluation of land use effects in transportation projects has been published. Transportation projects have many different effects on land use and urban structure, but their treatment in current benefit-cost analyses is not completely clear or there does not exist a uniform way of evaluating these effects. To improve the situation, the report suggests developing the evaluation techniques to better understand the connections between transportation, land use and urban structure. In the report, there are suggested actions that municipalities and ministries could take in the future. The evaluation methods could be shared among their users to reduce the burden of developing the models and to make the models’ results comparable.

While developing the methods, it is important to create a culture of co-operation between transportation and land use experts, improve the methods for communicating analysis results, create decision making processes and ensure funding for long-term development.

The report was made for the Finnish Transportation Agency in collaboration with Linea Konsultit Oy. The preliminary report can be found from here.