NeMo-models used in evaluating car-sharing services

A report called “Together with car – possibilities of sharing” has been published. The report shines light on different sharing models of private cars and their societal effects. The goal of the report was to uncover the best models for car-sharing. The NeMo-models (New Mobility) developed by FLOU were used to evaluate the potential of car-sharing models and their effects in the Greater Helsinki region. Based on the models, the report suggests that the largest willingness to pay for the services is on the fringes of the region, but the biggest business potential can be found from populous centers. The potential of car sharing in the region is tens of millions of trips per year.

The report was commissioned by HRT and made in collaboration with Solita Ltd, Route 96 Consulting Ltd and Tmi VT Pekka Aalto. The plan for land use, habitation and transportation MAL 2019 will be ready in spring 2019. The report was part of the plan’s preparation and can be found from here.