Social impacts in the spotlight

FLOU’s secret weapon, M.Sc Taru Pakkanen, is working on her master’s thesis on social impacts of transport for Aalto University’s Master’s Programme in Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering. The thesis supports the development process of Helsinki region’s land use, housing and transport systems planning.

Transport impacts the health, the choices and the standard of living of individuals and sociodemographic groups. The assessment focuses specifically on travel possibilities of individuals, health impacts, impacts on communities and how these impacts are distributed in society.

The thesis consists of how the assessment of social impacts of transport can be included into the MAL impact assessment process, performing a case study on the impacts from the starting point of MAL 2019 plan, and recognizing which methodologies and data are needed for future assessing. In addition, the thesis recognizes how the social impacts can be assessed both on strategic planning level and project level. Helsinki region’s HELMET transport model is utilized in the thesis.  The results present how the social impacts of transport should be considered in Helsinki region’s MAL planning process in the future.

The work will be completed in January. Stay tuned!