Value Capture Mechanism as a Financing Tool for Transportation

Financing transport infrastructure is a major societal challenge for the state as well as for cities and municipalities. In terms of major new investments, the potential of traditional budget funding is limited.

LiVaRa project (part of Finnish government’s analysis, assessment and research activities, VN TEAS) seeks ways to capture the value created in transportation projects to reallocate it as part of project financing.

The aim is to identify delivery and financing structures and to evaluate their applicability in different infra transportation projects. Another aim is to form guidelines to for model deployment and development.

The team consists of FLOU Oy, PBI Research Institute Oy, Kaupunkitutkimus TA Oy, Ympäristölakiasiaintoimisto Ekroos & Kiviniemi Oy and Faltera Oy.

The project is about to start in April 2020 and will be completed in February 2021.