Electric road systems as a way to cut down greenhouse gas emissions

Finland’s goal is to halve the greenhouse gas emissions of transport by 2030, and by 2045 transport should be completely emission-free. This requires significant action in road transport, which accounts for 93 % of all domestic transport emissions. One proposed  solution  of  reducing  emissions  is  to  utilize  electric  road  systems  (ERS),  which would make it possible to charge vehicle batteries while driving.

In the light of current knowledge and based on this review, ERS can be an option to emission  reductions,  especially  for  trucks  and  long-distance  bus  transport.  The  main  obstacles  for  the  utilization  of  ERS  are  high  investment  costs  and  a  long  commitment to a still evolving technology. Ultimately, the feasibility of ERS is driven by  the  ambition  of  the  emission  reduction  targets,  the  other  means  available  to  achieve the targets, and the profitability of ERS relative to other means.

The study was commissioned by Finnish Transport Agency and deliver by FLOU and Gaia Consulting. The final report can be found (in Finnish) at: