Cellular network serving multiple purposes in Lake Saimaa

In Lake Saimaa cellular networks are used for several applications: navigation and waterway maintenance (e.g. smart buoys), communication between port operators, authorities, vessels and ship-owners and for leisure. Key stakeholders are satisfied with the capacity and coverage of networks. In the future, digitalisation and autonomisation of vessels will create new challenges for connectivity and current networks. Lake Saimaa could serve as a pilot site for several maritime pilots as the network coverage is better than in open seas.

The work is part of naviSaimaa – Developing Saimaa Inland Waterways project and was commissioned by Etelä-Karjalan liitto.

Link to the report (in Finnish): http://www.navisaimaa.fi/-/saimaan-alueen-tiedonsiirtokapasiteetti-vastaa-kysyntaa